Google Penalty

Google Penalty Checker


Webmaster and SEO consultants are always going to be being asked questions like:-

  • Website dropped and cannot figure out why?
  • Has my website been banned by Google?
  • Our website dropped in Google a while ago, and I’m not sure why?
  • Website dropped from page 1 to page 15?
  • Does my site have a Google penalty?

These questions are often being stress as a website in the world we live in often is the main source of income and when a website drops from page one of google all the income will stop.

If a website has dropped do not panic and change everything as a Google penalty is more likely to be something recently added or changed. Often this is something relating to new links from domain link farms and attacks but even then a site dropped due to this it would be simple to purchase cheap links to bury a competitor website in google.

The Google algorithm is very clever and when an update takes place and a website drops it is often that now Google have detected something incorrect in the way that SEO has been carried out.

A quick solution if a site has been sandboxed by Google is to change the website URL doing a 301 Permanent Redirect. This is a redirect that will always point to the same location moving a website to a new location removing any chance of canonicalise errors.

For example if your domain was:- a 301 Permalink could be

This would move your website to the new domain name and carry power without taking with the penalty. This is often done by companys and you would not notice.